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jury, ha●ve you agreed upon a verdict” the metalli●c voice of the clerk rang out●. The foreman rose.“We have,” he● answered. “How say you, d

o you▓ find the prisoner at the bar guilty or▓ not guilty of the offense fo▓r which he stands indicted” “Not guilty●,” said the foreman. Epstein gra●sped my hand and crunched it hard.His o●wn was clammy.He did not speak. “G●entlemen of the jury, you say you find the ▓prisoner at the bar not guilty of homi▓cide in the first degree, and so y▓our verdict stands recorded.Ne▓uman, you are discharged.” It was the cle●rk’s last word. I quitted th●e court-room, a free man.I was as indi▓fferent to my

ir p●
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